♥Remember, when things were hard ,I always turned your tears into smiles ♥
Wǒ ài nǐ
i. ii. iii. iv.

You shower in the moonlight that pours down.
Your expression is one I have never seen before.
The image of you is frozen at the end of my gaze.- Moonlight

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Tonight I was scrolling down my dash and saw a baby with its head blown off.I quickly realised it wasn’t fake and I started to cry.I knew what was going on in Gaza but I didn’t want to see the death.To see children scattered everywhere . Its sick to actually see what is on the news but the bad stuff that they can’t show.I hate this fucking world.Why do I live in a country that encourages death and the supposed “freedom” we dont have.I am sick of seeing these countries dying.You would think some people would see the things you see as bad.I just don’t think there is that many good people in the world.These fucking people make me want to end my life, so I dont have to idly sit by and not be able to do anything.Its the worst kind of pain.

Pray for Gaza.